Processing Microfactories

    The AFRI.CAN™ vision is to industrialize rural Africa with complete, strong, sustainable and smart AFRI.CAN™ micro-factories, business incubators and agro-processing facilities for SME’s of entrepreneurs and cooperatives.

    AFRI.CAN™ is committed to help revolutionize the agricultural economy of Africa. Countries such as India and China became giant economies through small scale and low-tech processing similar to what AFRI.CAN™ offers. Africa is rich and blessed with good soil, good water, and good people producing good produce. Every village deserves an industry, a place where youth can learn skills, where women can be empowered, where those without jobs can be employed or become self-employed as entrepreneurs.
    The team of AFRI.CAN™ learn from communities by asking emerging farmers what they need, and only then custom solutions are developed together. Whatever the local produce, a solution for processing, preserving and packaging is found. AFRI.CAN™ micro-factories are container canned processing units built to be food-safe, durable, secure, and able to function sustainably. AFRI.CAN™ is changing the African landscape, not only by adding value to rural economies, but also restoring dignity and changing the way people think.

    AFRI.CAN™ micro-factories offer keys to possibility, to food security, pro-poor development, best practices, social responsibility and sustainability. We see the African continent dotted with these micro-factories for grass roots industrialisation, empowering people from various agricultural sectors with skills, income and hope.

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    AGRI PROCESSING based on the following possibilities:

    • Fruit Juice Processing & Packaging
    • Fruit Pack House
    • Dried Fruit & Veg
    • Fresh Veg Processing & Packaging
    • Water Purification & Bottling
    • Grape juice, Wine & Bottling
    • Biodiesel & Soap
    • Honey & Beeswax
    • Grain Mill & Bakery
    • Freshwater Fish Processing & Packaging
    • Seafood Processing & Packaging
    • Game & Meat Processing & Packaging
    • Livestock & Meat Processing & Packaging
    • Dairy Processing
    • Poultry Processing & Packaging
    • Olive processing & Olive Oil

    Fruit juice making and bottling

    Turn fruit like mangoes, bananas, passion fruit, pineapples, oranges, sugar cane into bottled juice.
    The unit processes 300 kg fruit per hour.


    Fruit and vegetable drying and packaging

    Turn excess vegetables, even unripe and overripe fruit into healthy preservative-free dried fruit snacks.
    The unit processes 400 kg fruit per day.


    Fruit Wine Making and Bottling

    Turn fruit like pineapple, bananas and grapes into bottled wine.
    Processes 300 kg fruit per hour.


    Mineral Water purification and bottling

    Turn underground water into bottled mineral water or clean water on tap to surrounding communities.
    Processing 3000 liters of water per day..

    Palm oil Biodiesel making and Fuel filling

    Turn vegetable oils like palm nut, soya, sunflower, coconut oil and even recycled cooking oil into biodiesel.
    Process 800 liters of oil into biodiesel per day.


    Milk Pasteurization and Bottling

    Pasteurize and bottle up to 900 liters of milk per day.

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