Covid-19 Hospitals

    The spread of the COVID-19 virus propelled the team of AFRI.CAN to research the best way to help. Safety of health workers was the guiding principle in creating a rapid launch medical facility of excellence, with safety measures, easy clean surfaces, automated sterilization and a clear pathway for screening, testing and care.

    As these hospitals are designed for temporary use, a revolutionary concept was developed to transform these medical facilities into Schools of Skills once COVID-19 is something of the past. Each container of the medical facility is like a Lego block earmarked for a specific part of a future School of Skills. We believe this solution will not only help to heal people, but also to heal the economy.

    AFRI.CAN COVID-19 video


    The Robertson Virus testing unit

    The Robertson Virus testing unit was built and handed over to the Western Cape government of South Africa in 9 days. This testing station will help ease the congestion inside the main hospital due to Covid 19 testing and give healthcare workers a dedicated space to conduct tests in a safe environment.

    Robertson Virus testing unit photos

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