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    Afri.Can Microfactories Good to Go Risk Reduction Terminal

    Afri.Can Microfactories recently launched the first Afri.Can Good to Go prototype. Companies and institutions need rapid, dignified access to their buildings and premises, while having peace of mind that risks are reduced. To address this need Afri.Can Microfactories led a team of experts, including Steyn Calitz, Innovative Modular Concepts, ERS Biometric, Motla Consulting Engineers and Jackal Design to create a strong, safe access registration gate to be placed at public spaces such as schools, airports, train stations, taxi ranks, sports stadiums, as well as malls, office buildings, factories, etc. Anywhere where there are hundreds of people passing through a gate or stepping onto premises there is risk involved.

    The challenge to reduce risks, and the time such screening absorbs, was highlighted with the introduced mandatory Covid-19 screening procedures for schools.

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    For many schools of say 500 or more learners it takes a team of more than ten personnel and up to an hour to get all learners registered and screened. The consequence is loss of valuable education time. Afri.Can Good to Go saves education time. Similarly, for businesses, this solution saves productive time.
    The Afri.Can Good to Go A500 provides a secure booth behind glass where the mandatory questions are asked, with shoe sanitation, censored touch free hand sanitation, mask verification, pre-programmed facial recognition and registration, fever scan, metal detection and random breathalyser test. The Afri.Can Good to Go A500 provides all this within four seconds per person by a touch-free walk through process.

    The result is peace of mind. Everyone is good to go. The premises are safer.

    The Afri.Can Good to Go was developed to be robust, efficient and aesthetically contributing to a dignified registration experience. The Good to Go A500 opens and closes hydraulically and is securely shut when not in use. Afri.Can Microfactories will soon launch the Good to Go X-series for smaller and larger applications, which will be scalable from 100 to 300, 500, 700, 900 and 1100, according to the number of people to be screened within half an hour.
    Afri.Can Good to Go is shippable and is designed for unlimited application wherever the need is in the world. The design elements make it relevant during Covid 19, but equally relevant post Covid 19. Afri.Can Good to Go strives to create a safe, clean, dignified new normal.
    Afri.can Good to Go was supported by funding from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.


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